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On 13th Jan 2004, a group of bloggers in Delhi decided to get together and meet offline for the first time. The excitement, apprehension, curiosity of meeting total strangers – all culminated in a rather successful meet. Three years and several meets later, this group has grown bigger and has managed to make its presence felt not just in Delhi or India but also with BBC. The group has gone through all that a dynamic group connected together online goes through, be it the ups or the downs. DBM XV is the third anniversary of the first ever meet that this group had. A lot of oldies and a lot of newbies are expected in the meet.

The details –

Venue : Lodhi Garden
Date : 13th Jan 2007
Time : 2pm onwards

The tentative plan is to shift to IHC when it gets too cold, approximately 5-ish.

Contact details : Twilight Fairy
Amit Ken

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Spread the love

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