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Here’s the list of attendees of the first ever Delhi tweetup 🙂

1.     Garima Dhiman, http://twitter.com/garimadhiman

2.     Manav,  http://twitter.com/nextmanage

3.     Antony Tongbram, http://twitter.com/tonytongbram,

4.     Mayank Dhingra,  http://twitter.com/mayankdhingra

5.     Gaurav Mishra, http://twitter.com/gmishra

6.     Babychen Mathew, http://twitter.com/babychen,

7.     Honey Singh,  http://twitter.com/honeytech

8.     rajesh lalwani, http://twitter.com/rajeshlalwani,

9.     Zabeeh Afaque,  http://twitter.com/zabeehafaque,

10. Nitin Dhawan, www.imarketingadvantage.com

11. Monica Jasuja, http://twitter.com/jasuja

12. Ashutosh Pradhan, http://twitter.com/ashutoshpradhan

13. Vyom Prashant, http://twitter.com/vyomprashant

14. Bona Bhatia,  http://twitter.com/bonabhatia

15. Megha Bhatia,

16. Mayank Gupta,  http://twitter.com/mayankgupta

17. Ravi Kapoor, http://twitter.com/ravikapoor,

18. Sanjay Shrivastava, http://twitter.com/mojosanjay,

19. Gaurav Mishra, http://twitter.com/gauravonomics,

20.  Shantanu Dutta – http://twitter.com/shantanudutta

21. Twilight Fairy http://twitter.com/twilightfairy

The pictures of the meet are in the Delhi bloggers flickr pool as well as can be seen in this set.

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Spread the love

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