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Sponsors :Β Β Incube

Agenda : A Delhi twitter meet! All Delhi Bloggers and Delhi’s microbloggers are invited.

Date : 20th September, 2008 (Saturday), 5pm – 8pm

Venue : Incube Business Centre
18, Nehru Place,
New Delhi, 110019 , # +91-11-3061 4401

The state of the art venue is wifi enabled and has board rooms with projectors. Snacks/Refreshments would be provided by our sponsors.

Directions : http://www.18nehruplace.in/

Target audience:
Experts/executives from social media related platforms, microblogging platformsΒ or blog platforms, Journalists who know how blogs/microblogs have become an alternative to mainstream media, Professionals who have used social media/blogs to connect and build communities, Marketers (clients or agencies) who are using social media/blog strategies, Techies/application developers in these fields, Entrepreneurs who have ideas around social media and blogging platforms, PR professionals looking to develop/enhance their blogger relationship programs, Marketers who want to look at case studies on how others are using the same and of course Delhi Twitterati.


We plan to have some interesting discussions.

The topics of discussion are :
Bill of Rights for people on Social Networks : Kumar Rahul, Co-founder, Diditz.com
Copyright issues faced – personal experience : Twilight Fairy, Founder, Delhi Bloggers Bloc
A discussion on the microblogging platform of Kwippy.com : Mayank Dhigra, co founder, Kwippy.com
Various uses of twitter – personal experience : Gautam Ghosh, Strategic HR & OD consultant, Business blogger

#Event Details:

5:00pm – 5:30 pm : Interactive round of introductions and perhaps a little bit about incube’s facilities
5:30pm – 7:00 pm : Interactive discussions
7:00pm – 8:00 pm : Refreshments & Social networking
These timings are indicative and they could overshoot by perhaps half an hour.

For any further info please contact Twilight Fairy (Priyanka) at 9811511719

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Spread the love
  1. Kuntal says:

    Waao,, Its here in Delhi n I wasn’t aware of any such grp ,, ‘Kammal Hai’ πŸ˜€ ! Well anyways,, i wud surely love to attend it,, to make enhancements to my 3 years long experience into it, ;-).!!
    But, I’ve a complaint , u’ve Written “HURRY! REGISTER NOW FOR FREE” but no link to register ???? πŸ™

    N watta long blogroll,, i wonder if i can get listed there too πŸ˜› lolz

  2. delhibloggeradmin says:

    Kiran – sure.. please send a mail with ur URL to twilightfairy at gmail dot com.

    Kuntal – well the link is very much there! I hope you are able to see the flash which says “delhi tweetup” – “order now”. If you can not see it, then you can visit http://tweetup.eventbrite.com.

  3. Kuntal says:

    Oh okey, so it was embedded into flash, i personally don’t like flash links cuz u can’t open them in a new window :P,,
    Anyways, Thnx… I’ve already registered now..!!

    and yeah i wud also be sending a mail to get a place in ur blogroll :D,, I hope u won’t mind me having there, lol !!

    Thnx ,, Ciao on Saturday..!! πŸ™‚

  4. Kuntal says:

    But hey i missed out the event πŸ™ due to some urgent personal work :'( ,,,
    Can you please creat a post with the follow up of the event ?
    or can u plz plz plzzzzz mail me the same πŸ™‚ i’ll be more than Happy πŸ˜€

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