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Everyone in the group has expressed a lot of interest for a long due heritage walk. Before the year ends, we would all like to meet and what better way than spending some time together soaking some winter sun and having a hot steaming cuppa together!

We can safely say that this is a long awaited meet – DBM 26

Here are the details.

Date : 21st December’08 (Sunday)
Time : 2:30pm onwards
Venue : Humayun’s Tomb followed by a visit to Nizamuddin’s heritage area followed by grub nearby.
Map : http://is.gd/bKpS

Who should attend?

Anyone who has an active interest in heritage, history, culture, architecture, photography and in documenting it through blogs, tweets, flickr pictures, podcasts or in any other way. Or anyone who has an interest in meeting the oldest bloggers group in Delhi and having some fun along the way :).

The plan is to read up on these areas and have an exchange of information at the venue itself. We are trying to get some experts to guide us around the walk, but we can always self-educate. We meet, explore, click pictures and then of course grab grub – the integral part of any meet.

For this meet, the coordinator would be Twilight Fairy (9811511719). Please confirm your attendance in the comments here or at the facebook event. While you are at it, please join us here in facebook and here in the mailing list.

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Spread the love
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  2. pushpendu says:

    thanx for the walk details..i wish to confirm my presence in this historical walk to save our priceless heritage…but fairy, i dont know the exact location like where is humayun’s tomb..can someone pick me from my place and oblige me..i will be there with my group friends..

  3. Archana Saad Akhtar says:

    It was great to hear about this walk…am working with the Aga Khan Foundation which is doing this huge urban renewal project which comprises of conservation and environment development activities at the Humayun’s Tomb Complex and Nizamuddin Basti. I will be most pleased to tk you along the complex and walk the talk, in case you like…I’ll anyway be there in the complex at that time…

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