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It’s been quite a while since we last met! India’s first WordCamp was sure the coolest event we have ever organised (and at the risk of sounding pompous) or that India’s online space has seen for that matter going by the superb feedback we received! :). We’ll be updating this blog with the details of that event soon for those who missed out on it.

We understand junta has been revving up since quite some time to have a meet but we have been in the recuperation mode after WordCamp India :). But not anymore! It’s time for the next meet (and many more to come) – DBM#29 – which is a Delhi tweetup as well as a bloggers meet. All twitterati and blogerati are invited!

Now for the real thing:

When : 9th May’09 (saturday), 5:30 pm onwards till abt 7:30-8pm.
What : get acquainted with each other. Demystify twitter for those who dont know it yet.  Network, socialise, laugh, check out the venue, see the exhibition, shop, snackup, drink, tweet, blog, be merry! The venue is wi-fi enabled. Snacks and refreshments would be provided. We’ll be collecting a nominal amount of Rs. 50/- from everyone for the snacking part.
Where : The maximum store, 5-J/1, Ground Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049.  t#: +91 11 26493150, 46168026;  Map

Please give your ayes and nayes here in the comments section or you could tweet them keeping @delhitweetup in your confirmation tweet or you could confirm in the Facebook event of our Facebook group or give your ayes/nayes in our mailing list.

For any further info please contact Twilight Fairy (Priyanka) at 9811511719

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