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  • LOL> RT @twilightfairy: the voting beep is like one very long WTF word censored. #indiavotes09 #
  • #DBM29 43 confirmations, 46 tentatives. r u coming? tomorrow, 5:30pm, http://is.gd/w2Nq http://is.gd/w3i4 #
  • @ridhi_07 does seem to be at the same time in reply to ridhi_07 #
  • @Jwoohoo see u there tomorrow in reply to Jwoohoo #
  • #DBM29 44 confirmations, 51 tentatives. r u joining us? today, 5:30pm, maximum store,shahpur jat, http://is.gd/w2Nq http://is.gd/w3i4 #
  • #DBM29 Sam Miller – the author of “delhi – adventures in a mega city” would be joining us. look fwd to some interesting casual conversations #
  • #DBM29 venue is wifi enabled. #
  • At maximum store. wonderful little place. the phone signals low. #dbm29 #
  • people streaming in. passing arnd the wifi key now. shd see more tweets soon. #dbm29 #
  • yaye! sam miller just walked in. #dbm29 #
  • @sushmits just see #dbm29 in twitter search in reply to sushmits #
  • @sushmits right here. right now. watch this stream only.:0 in reply to sushmits #
  • mobile signal’s low so we have diverted all calls @twilightfairy to the store landline.so if you call for directions, you know. #
  • 23 ppl so far! still many more to come 🙂 #dbm29 #
  • introductions almost getting over at #dbm29 #
  • Sam has raised a very interesting question. We r now actively tweeting these days. what would we be doing 1 yr down the line? #dbm29 #
  • we are glad @sidin controlled his compulsive urge & didnt ditch us 🙂 #dbm29 #
  • 30+ junta already. interesting discussions happening #dbm29 #
  • @dilipm sent 17 pink chaddis in the pink chaddi campaign. one of the biggest online campaigns #dbm29 #
  • here’s a family of bloggers with us!! husband, wife, kid, mom #dbm29 the 81 yr old dad isnt here but he also blogs 🙂 #
  • the #dbm29 refuses to end :). more than 40 ppl chatting away to glory after a sumptous snacking session #
  • twas great meeting all the new faces & catching up with the old ones. we’ll share all the details with everyone soon. a great meet! #dbm29 #
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