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Date: Saturday, May 6th 2006
Venue : Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
Time : 6 pm

Please confirm your attendance in advance at the comments section to help us coordinate better

This is for all you old and new, fast and furious, slow and steady, arose and awakened, dreaming and dormant bloggers out there…
Time for the XIth Delhi Bloggers Meet with Bill Tompson, Julian Siddle and Gareth Mitchell all the way from London
Who are Bill, Julian and Gareth?
Julian is the producer of the BBC World Service Technology programme Digital Planet
It’s a programme about how technology affects our lives rather than the technology itself. Gareth is the presenter of the same show.

Julian would be here in India to record a special edition of the programme just about this splendid country. Culture of Blogs in India is an area Julian would be particularly looking at and is trying to find answers to questions like “Do you have a particular view on the use or effectiveness of your blogs? What do you think about the use of IT in India or its potential? The country is often seen as being in the grip of a technological boom, is this the case from your experience?”

Bill is one of Britain’s leading authorities on blogging and Net activism and advises the EU. He has a regular column on the BBC’s website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4930796.stm

Bill would be sharing with us his expertise over the subject that connects all of us here…Blogging and also Net activism.
Now if all that doesn’t sound interesting to you….well then….something else will… 😉

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