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Here are the Delhi Bloggers who attended DBM 27. I have added the twitter handles of the ones I know. If you would like to share your links, twitter id’s, flickr links, please do share them in the comments so that we can get to know you better.
1. Arti Jain of Friendsofbooks.com
2. Aditi Mathur
3. Manish of Friendsofbooks.com
4. Anjur Ahuja
5. Nirat Bhatnagar
6. Rahul Ajatshatru – bhairon@gmail.com
7. Twilight Fairy – @twilightfairy
8. Sanjay Srivastava @mojosanjay
9. Upendra
10. Saad – @flyyoufools
11. Manimugdh Sharma
12. Piya
13. Pratibha
14. Suleimaan
15. Navin Dutta
16. Arpita
Here are some of the pics that were clicked during the meet (these are courtesy Saad). If you have clicked pictures of the meet and uploaded them in flickr then I would request you to tag them as “DBM27” for this meet and “delhibloggers” for the overall tag. If you have uploaded your pictures in FB, then please do add them to our FB group and DBM27 FB event pool .
If there are any posts about the same, please share them as well.
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Spread the love

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