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  • Twitterati, u asked for it, we got it :). DBB Exclusive Meetup with @shashitharoor tomorrow, 21 May, The Attic, CP, Delhi, 6pm. Pls RT #
  • DBB gets u exclusive Meetup with @shashitharoor tomorrow, 21 may, The Attic, CP, Delhi, 6pm. pls RT http://bit.ly/16ENHv #
  • @BusyGod just be there on time. entry is purely on first come first served basis. in reply to BusyGod #
  • entry for DBM30 is purely on first come first served basis. hence no regn. we have limited seats (55-60). if u r not in, well u r out :). #
  • delhi bloggers meet #30. read more @ http://www.delhibloggersbloc.com RT@rahulrakesh:@delhitweetup what is DBM30? could u inform me more about it? #
  • @BusyGod usually all our events are with regn. bt due to limited seats here, we have no option bt to keep it as fcfs. in reply to BusyGod #
  • Volunteers wanted for helping out at our meetup with @shashitharoor tomorrow. Pls tweet/DM/call @mojosanjay or @twilightfairy #dbm30 pls RT #
  • @knayam thank you. Pls be at venue at 5:30 pls send @mojosanjay your mobile no. copysanjay at gmail dot com tnx in reply to knayam #
  • hashtag for @shashitharoor meetup tomorrow – #dbm30 #
  • #dbm30 we hope to b discussing @shashitharoor’ s & everyone’s ideas on using social media for development/governance. do tweet your ideas. #
  • @sanjukta pls follow #dbm30. thanks for your wishes. in reply to sanjukta #
  • @sanjukta we’ll try to #dbm30 in reply to sanjukta #
  • RT@twilightfairy: #dbm30 timings r subject to slight variation depending on @Shashitharoor’s availability. bt we have to assemble on time. #
  • #dbm30 we hope to b discussing @shashitharoor’ s & everyone’s ideas on using social media for development/governance. do tweet your ideas. #
  • all set up at the attic for meetup with @shashitharoor people streaming in #dbm30 #
  • crowd gathering. expecting @shashitharoor soon. turkish music and bloggers chatting. looking forward to see all. #
  • @nithinkd fast filling. do come soon. in reply to nithinkd #
  • @Ishme3t pls follow #dbm30. expect lot more ppl tweeting. in reply to Ishme3t #
  • #dbm30 if u come in do register at the desk. we have a token amt of rs 100 to cover venue and f&b costs. thank you. #
  • looking forward to seeing more of you here #dbm30 we have seats. #
  • expecting @shashitharoor in about 5 minutes. #dbm30 #
  • @cherian we had mentioned we would need time to sttle. and there would be a variation. in reply to cherian #
  • @shashitharoor speaking now. he is open to all kind sof questions. #dbm30 #
  • @shashitharoor talking on the importance of being active on the web. considers himself new.#dbm30 #
  • taking of his experiments with sms gupshup. #dbm30 #
  • importance of being connected while on “rathyatras”. he was a skeptic :#dbm30 #
  • lots of autographs and photos in an informal session @shashitharoor and refreshments as he leaves now #
  • @cherian there was no such tweet which said after 6 u r out. pray show us the link. tweet said venue over capacity = out. #dbm30 in reply to cherian #
  • @cherian one never gets anything until one tries :). likewise with this meetup appointiment with shashi in reply to cherian #
  • @cherian apart from FB also many ppl had tried to confirm in many ways. however regn wasnt an option in this case. pls see prev tweets. in reply to cherian #
  • @cherian thanks for the suggestion :). however tweeting 1hr b4 doesnt help at all in terms of logistics. 1 hr later we get to know it anyway in reply to cherian #
  • @cherian next time do try to join us & of course try to keep away from making 2+2 = 16 🙂 in reply to cherian #
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