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After the rather sumptuous & also culturally rich meet at Jama Masjid/Chandni Chowk (DBM31), we now plan to meet at India Gate for a walkathon from India Gate to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. The weather is just right and we explore the historical and architectural aspects on the way.

We have two experts with us, who could guide us along on the short walk in that area. Mani with a keen interest in history and Pashim Tewari (visiting faculty at School of planning and architecture) will share some architectural aspects of the Lutyens Delhi. However it is also recommended to read up a bit about India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan, for this meet.

Here are the details.

Date : 15th Nov’09 (Sunday)
Time : 3pm-5pm
Venue meeting point is at India Gate (not the lawns but the gate)
Agenda – Meet at India gate at 3pm, sit in lawns till 4pm and get to know each other. After this we walk from India Gate towards Rashtrapati bhawan and go as far as they let us. We explore the area, read up on it before hand and get guidance from experts – Mani & Pashim (history & architecture perspective respectively). After the walk it is upto the attendees if they want to go to some nearest coffee place (which would be in CP).

Map : http://bit.ly/3Ke1Ou

Who should attend?

Anyone who has an active interest in heritage, history, culture, architecture, photography, or just Delhi in general, and documents it through blogs, tweets, flickr pictures, podcasts or in any other way. Or anyone who has an interest in meeting the oldest bloggers group in Delhi (5.5 yrs old) and having some fun along the way :).

For this meet, the coordinator would be Twilight Fairy (9811511719). Mani can be contacted at 9899303108 & Pashim at 9810291943. Please confirm your attendance in the comments or at the facebook event. While you are at it, please join us here in facebook and here in the mailing list.

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Spread the love

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