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Hello Delhi Bloggers!

Wish you all a happy new year. What better way to start the new year than a meet where we eat! That’s something that all of us have been looking forward to & some of us have been planning for long. So let’s have another round of history, culture, architecture, photography, chai, gupshup, fun and most importantly FOOD! Another highlight of this meet is the “when amit met senthil” factor. Those who don’t know what “amit” implies in terms of a common noun can see http://krishashok.wordpress.com/glossary/

and senthil is just the south indian counterpart 🙂
We have THE Krish Ashok joining us here, so let’s get together for “When Amit met Senthil” :p
Here are the details.
Date : 4th Jan’11 (Tuesday)
Time : 6:00pm onwards
Venue : Chandni Chowk, meeting point is at Chawri Bazar exit of Chawri Bazar metro station.
Agenda – Visit Parantha gali, Visit al jawahar, Eat, click, interact with the others.
Map : http://is.gd/hMm9

Any foodie who may want to guide us around, can also please volunteer. Please do go through the street food recommendations here:

Who should attend?
Anyone who has an active interest in heritage, history, culture, architecture, photography, food and in documenting it through blogs, tweets, flickr pictures, podcasts or in any other way. Or anyone who has an interest in meeting the oldest bloggers group in Delhi and having some fun along the way :).
For this meet, the coordinator would be Twilight Fairy (9811511719). Please confirm your attendance in the comments or at the facebook event. While you are at it, please join us here in facebook, here in the mailing list and follow @delhitweetup on twitter.
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Spread the love
  1. delhibloggeradmin says:

    it does. For some strange reason it isnt showing up to some ppl. some others can access it. The group settings have put it open to everyone.

    I suspect it has to do with some bug in FB where it restricts viewing of event to only members of that group (though no such setting restricts it for non-members)

  2. Lilangel says:

    Great to see this group at this stage. I was a part of the early DBM meet back in 2004 when I was in Delhi. I used to blog under the alias of cuteliltisha. I remember meeting Simple Simon..Deepan…Priya..Twilight Fairy too i guess..
    Great going !

  3. delhibloggeradmin says:

    Great to see you here 🙂 Yeah the group has been going strong since all these years.. but lately I haven’t had the time to organise any meets since the time I started my own thing as a pro photographer.


  4. vishal says:

    i love to eat food specially at Bikaner chandni chowk. I like tikki tikki of Bikaner very much because its taste is different from any other shop in delhi.

  5. Eshika Roy says:

    Thank you for arranging these food meet ups. It’s the perfect platform for people who are interested in the visual and gastronomic delights of Delhi to come together and share their experiences. Keep on organizing these walks. All the best

  6. admin says:

    No more meets have been oragnised because I, (the founder) havent had the time to do so in many years. However hopefully we will have one soon! Stay tuned.

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