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Welcome to the Delhi bloggers community :-). Here’s a FAQ (Frequently asked questions) that we have prepared for you. For any questions not answered here, or any other help etc you can contact the group owner directly at delhibloggers-owner@yahoogroups.com.
Q. How and when was the Delhi Bloggers Bloc formed?
A. The group “Delhi bloggers” was formed on 13th Jan 2004 and recently celebrated its 4th anniversary affair. It started as a yahoogroup mailing list started by “Twilight Fairy” after the first ever Delhi bloggers meet on 13th Jan 2004. The core of our interaction happens there only. Recently due to certain other “inspired” groups having started calling themselves with the same  name, we have addded the word “Bloc” to our online identity to maintain that unique perspective.
Q. What do you want to do with this group?
A. Through this group, we want to represent the spirit of our beloved Delhi and whatever makes it tick. We value the enterprise, enthusiasm, cooperation, hard work, and diversity that we have here in all of us. We look forward to building a strong online community that also translates into meaningful offline interaction (the keyword is meaningful). We aspire to seek new and worthwhile ways to interact, learn, share, discuss and evolve both online and offline. Apart from all this we of course meet during “delhi blogger meets” and also focus on areas of interest to the members. And whosoever thinks this is a serious proposition, we have a lot of fun all the way as well.
The best part of this group is having so many ppl from diverse backgrounds, interested in Blogging and in Delhi at some point or the other. So we indulge in a lot of different typs of meets focussing on photography, heritage walks, educating others about blogging, book reading, discussions for future activities, business networking or simple, no-agenda meets as well.
Q. Ok, Sounds interesting. After I join the mailing list, what do I have to do?
A. Before you start off, please go through the group guidelines which are automatically sent to you via the mailing list. Then you can send in your introduction and start interacting with everyone :).
Q. What all can I share on the list?
A.  Feel free to discuss any topic but we would prefer if you keep the context blogging/online interaction related or Delhi related. However if you have anything constructive to share with us (related to any topic), please do share it. Please don’t send anything that comes under the categories of Ads, job referrals (one can use our linkedin presence for the same), porn, hate mail, chain letters, racism, inflammatory stuff and other spam messages. For any exceptional off topic things you could append a prefix to your subject in the form of [Off topic] or [OT]. For any event information, you could prefix the tag [EVENT] in your subject.
This is not a forwards/jokes mailing list. Please refrain from sending such stuff out here esp attachments and long mails. IF at all you feel the urge to share something with the rest of the blogger community you can send a link (to your blog or where ever) to share it with ppl.
Q. I like this community and I want to invite my friends. How do I go about it?
A. We at “Delhi Bloggers Bloc” encourage and allow new members to join. You can be a blogger who is or has been in Delhi or you can be a blog reader or you can be someone who is keen on blogging and needs our assistance in starting one. If you know people who fit this category, please invite them to join in on the fun. But please note that interaction and wholesome, constructive participation, is more important to us than having big numbers.
Q. Where all does the Delhi Bloggers Bloc have presence online?
A. Our presence is there in the following communities as well :
Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/groups/delhibloggers/
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/42110/
(We used to be on Orkut too 🙂 )
Q. Who pays the bills?
A. At meets everyone pays for their own self, unless we have a predecided contribution from everyone or unless we have sponsors. The mailing list on yahoo is free. The website domain, hosting and other expenses have been paid for by “Twilight Fairy”. Any members who want to contribute towards expenses, can contact twilightfairy at gmail dot com.
Q. What are this groups achievements?
A. Achievements is such a subjective word. But we are proud to have done the following:
– We have had 34 official meets, a couple of unofficial meets,
– Lots of history walks, photography gyaan, book reading, kite flying, etc
– Members of our group have been covered in NDTV news for their blogs.
– We have been written about in the press and other main stream media several times, including but not limited to print coverage (Delhi Times/HT City/TodayPlus/Indian express/Hindustan Times), and also on BBC Radio,
– We have organised exercises in blogging outreach and initiated endeavours with NGO’s.
– We have supported initiatives like Blogathon India .
Q. Is there any age limit for joining?
A. No, there is no age limit for joining. However if you are under 14, we hope your parents do not have a problem in your indulging in online activities.
Q. I do not blog. I just like reading blogs and meeting ppl with my interests. Can I join?
A. Sure you can join us. Commentors/readers and as much part of this community and can also chip in with their valuable efforts.
Q. I want to make Delhi a better place. Can your group help me?
A. Yes, sure, we have some of us who have their own NGO’s directed at a cause. You can contact Anouradha Bakshi for projectwhy.org. In the meantime, we’ll also fill in this space with more details on similar endeavours.
Q. I do not blog but want to. However I have no clue where to start. Can I join? What kind of support can I expect?
A. Yes, sure we encourage newbies. You can ask any questions you feel like. Or you can watch some easy tutorials on the web that teach you how to get started.
Q. Is this a commercial group? Can I make money by joining this group?
A. This is not a commercial group. No one is earning any monetary compensation here. This group has been steady in its blogger meetup activities for more than 9 out of the 15 years of its existence, all based on the personal efforts and perseverance of some of its members, who have put in time from their daily lives and jobs, put an effort for arranging meets, and also in taking this group forward to more meaningful activities.
However, you may make money through blogging, but that takes time and steady effort, like any business venture does in yielding profits. That would happen through placing online ads and increasing your reader base. You may also make money through photo-blogging and putting up your pictures for sale. And of course, if you write well, you may get the chance to make money from freelance writing.
Q. How frequently do you have meets?
A. There’s no fixed frequency per se. We were used to a frequency of a meet every month :). But then Twilight Fairy changed her career path a few years back and little room was left for endeavours that were done purely out of passion :). If you would like to organise a meet for the group, please contact at Twilightfairy at gmail dot com

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